Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bag O' Shrimps SM Megamall - Review and Photos

The boyfriend and I don't frequent SM Megamall, but it was a holiday, so for the first time we went there for our date. I've been wanting to try this place for months now, especially because I've been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about their food. I always enjoy trying new restaurants with my boyfriend because we're both foodies. So we went to Bag'O Shrimps in the Atrium, SM Megamall.

Bag'O Shrimps

Bag'O Shrimps reminds me of southern style seafood cooking: shrimps and mussels in cajun style seasoning with corn still on the cob. It generally reminds me of the movie Forrest Gump! The boyfriend and I love sea food and spicy dishes in general, so our expectations for their food is pretty high.

The restaurant:


The menu:

The diners:

Yours truly with the Boyfriend <3

What did we order?


Bag of Shrimps in Bag O' Momma

What was our experience?
Their menu was short and straight to the point, which is okay since a big menu could be overwhelming sometimes. We were there around lunchtime and I was expecting the place will be packed, but there were 3-4 tables available. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, most especially Cherie.

We ordered Bag of Shrimps with Corn. We were supposed to include local sausage to the bag but they ran out of it. We also included Calamares. Waiting time for the food was a bit long, like 15-20 minutes, so if you're just on your lunch break, you might want to go somewhere else. We assumed it's because they're short on staff when we were there (there were only 2 servers that time, and they're also the cashier).

We weren't provided with any plastic gloves or bib. It's probably because there'll be an extra charge for those. The boyfriend and I decided to eat with our hands since they have a washing area in the restaurant. Honestly, we just didn't want to pay extra for the gloves and bib. :-p

The food was excellent! The Bag O' Mama is sweet, salty with right amount of heat in it. We'll probably try it with the sausage next time. The Calamares is just okay. Nothing special. But we love the dip. :)

We recommend you get the table with couches. It's far more comfy than the steel chairs they have. As expected, the bill also took a while to arrive.


  • Excellent staff, very friendly and accommodating especially Cherie
  • Bag of shrimps are highly recommended
  • The restaurant's ambiance is casual
  • The interiors are pretty cool and roomy


  • Local sausage wasn't available
  • Waiting time for the food was a bit long
  • Won't recommend to yuppies on lunch breaks
  • The bill took a while to arrive
  • A little pricey - but definitely worth it


 We will definitely go back!

Where to find:
Bag O'Shrimps SM Megamall (Atrium)

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