Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kanebo Sala Hair Cologne - Review and Photos

Who loves smelling fresh all the time? Don't we all? Being a daily commuter, I'm always exposed to pollution and dirt. Our erratic weather here in the Philippines surely doesn't help either. As much as I try to keep myself smelling good always (by taking a bath twice a day, using deodorant and perfume), the aforementioned factors could always leave my hair "amoy araw", like cigarette/smoke and sometimes like "ulam" (food). What is the quick fix for this hair issue? Hair cologne!

Hair cologne is a big hit in Japan. Actually, I think this hair arsenal started there. My sister got me 2 hair colognes from her recent trip to Japan: one from Shiseido and this one from Kanebo. 

Kanebo Sala Hair Cologne

Kanebo Sala Hair Cologne smells like a good mix of floral and slight fruity scents. For me, this is a kikay bag staple especially on date nights after work. The boyfriend is taller than me so I wouldn't want him to sniff on a smelly (and by smelly I mean "amoy araw", cigarette, etc) head of hair. I really can't tell you much about it because the details on the bottle aren't in English. 

What was my experience?
It really helped in getting rid of the bad smell. Some girls might find this a little bulky to tote around, but I personally don't mind. My only issue with this product is that it could reduce the volume of my hair. It's a cologne, so when I use it, I actually wet my hair, so using it sparingly is a must. I also don't know what are the ingredients used to create this product. Hopefully it doesn't have SLS. 

  • Helps in getting rid of the bad smell
  • Smells good
  • Not heavy to tote around
  • Available online but online (ebay and IG) sellers' prices are twice its original price

  • Could leave my hair limp because it wets the hair
  • I don't know the ingredients used
  • Not available in leading supermarkets and dept stores

If you can find a dry shampoo that also gets rid of the bad smell of the hair, I say go for that. You get or keep the volume of your hair while getting rid of the bad smell.


 I might repurchase.

Where To Buy:

Online, around Php750++

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