Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vikings Luxury Buffet SM Megamall | Sinfully Good

If indulging in this kind of decadent and delicious food is a sin, then yes, I am a sinner.

I come from a family with a good appetite for food. I've had my fair share of experience in dining at buffets - both low-end and high-end. Going in luxury buffets could be extravagant for some, but think about the kind of ingredients and how the food is meticulously prepared in these places. I'm sure you'd be willing to pay the price, and that is how I feel about Vikings.

Vikings is the biggest buffet restaurant in the country, and they intend to keep the title. With an extremely wide variety of food choices, I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone (even the pickiest eater with OCD). 

They recently opened their newest branch in SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall wing. This particular wing is very different from Mega A and Mega B. It houses foreign designer brands and looks a lot like a hotel. It's very upscale! Vikings took that theme to another level by having a design that gives you the feeling of being in a museum instead of a restaurant. Every dish is a masterpiece by their chefs, and everyone is invited to "paint our palate" with the different colors of cuisine that they offer.

It's probably the fanciest buffet restaurant  (inside a mall) that I've been to. Let me just clarify: it's fancy without the feeling of snobbery. Hindi nakakailang, but at the same time it feels luxurious. To make it more accurate, it's comfortable yet very sophisticated.

Of course, I cannot say anything bad about their food. This may sound hyped, but it's REALLY good. You have to try it to understand what I'm saying. From the number of selections, the presentation, the innovation and how everything is well thought out, they really know what they're doing.

Are you a picky eater?
They have several dishes that you can customize yourself. You can customize your pasta, pizza, shabu-shabu, desserts and more. My favorite would be their pizza. This is the first time that I've tried a pizza with an egg on top of it.

Do you love pasta? You'll certainly get a kick out of this. They have their own pasta maker. As in the one that you can only see on Asian Food Channel or Food Network. 

I also love how they innovated and revolutionized Filipino food. Crispy Pata in Kare-Kare? Never thought of that (and I love Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata on their own), but it works!

Like what I said earlier, they intend to stay on top of their game. In line with that, they come up with their own version on foods that are on trend. Katsu? Cronuts? (not in photo) They have it! 

Ready for more food photos? Game!

Chef Ross! <3

One more thing. I'm also impressed on how organized they are. I accidentally bumped a guy holding his drink. It was embarassing! I immediately apologized to him, and fortunately he was nice enough to not make a big deal out of it. Good thing his drink spilled on the floor and not on his shirt! (I'm really, really sorry!). A staff member immediately messaged (via a bluetooth headset) someone to take care of it, and in less than a minute the floor was clean again like the incident never happened. It's like Vikings is a well-oiled machine that operates smoothly. They know what to do in every situation.

From the food that they serve, the kind of service they provide, the interiors and design, and the people who works hard to give guests the best experience, hats off to you guys. These factors make every peso spent worth it. You really can't put a price on that. :)

Congratulations to Vikings! More branches, please! :)

Vikings SM Megamall is located at 4th Level of Mega Fashion Hall. For promos and discounts, visit their Facebook page. You may also visit their website

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