Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hair Styling Products | Signature, Heatless Curls And New Hair Color

I grew up sporting really short hair. I was always getting a haircut every month because new haircuts excite me (though some of those cuts ended up as a disaster). It was also practical for me since I always like sleeping a little longer in the morning. Who doesn't love those extra minutes of snooze?!

It was only in 2009 when I was about to graduate college when I started to grow my hair out. When I met Dyms in 2010, I really got inspired to grow it as long as I could so I can style it any way I want. :)

Back to the present, I stopped getting my hair rebonded and finally embraced my natural waves and just go nuts with hair color. I'm currently rocking "Roseo Red" hair color, care of my parlorista neighbor. Haha! :)

Freshly retouched red hair (latest color)

I'm always asked on how I style my hair. Before, I always rely on my trusted Babyliss Curling Iron and heat-protectant spray to achieve my signature curls. (I still use it every now and then especially when I'm going out.)

natural hair (2012)
blonde care of palty (2013)

But when I finally left the BPO industry and lived a normal (dayshift!) life, I no longer have the time to style my hair every morning. Plus, the regular exposure to hot tools will damage my already-fragile hair. 

So what do I do? Heatless curls, baby!

Heatless curls (Blue Violet Hair)

Heatless curls (Faded Roseo Red Hair)

What do I use to achieve heatless curls?

Fantasy Party Volume Curling Cream
I use Fantasy Party Volume Curling Cream. It creates natural waves without the crunchy factor that some mousse gives. It holds the curls for a long time too. This is my go-to hair curling cream. It's my favorite and I use it almost everyday. And did I mention it smells really good, too? :)

Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Spray
I also use Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Spray to achieve the perfect beach waves hair. My only woe about this product is that it dries my hair out (probably because of the sea salt ingredient). I rarely use this because of that.

Richenna Volume Up Magic
When I feel like my hair feels a little limp and flat, I spray some Richenna Volume Up Magic. It works well for both straight hair and curls.

So these are what I'm currently using to style my hair. Wanna know what hair care products I'm currently into? Check this out. :)

Any review request? Leave a comment below or contact me via my Facebook page! :)


  1. Where did you get Fantasy Party Volume Curling Cream? My digipermed locks could definitely use that. :)

    1. Hi Nathalie! I got it from JTomas Collection. You can check out their FB page and order or you can drop by their showroom. :)