Monday, March 25, 2013

Korean Beauty Brand: iWhite Korea Loot

Have you ever wondered how those gorgeous Korean actresses in your favorite Koreanovela get that perfect fair skin?

I've always admired their beauty, and how youthful they look. They don't wear much makeup, and they really don't need to. How I wish I can have a skin like that! Well, there's nothing wrong with trying, right? And maybe with a great help from iWhite Korea products, I'll be that close to achieving such. :)

I got this loot of fab iWhite Korea products a couple of weeks ago. I'm sooo overwhelmed and grateful for all these, and I honestly can't stop using them.

The iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream has been a part of my daily routine, and the iWhite Whitening Pack saves my skin from stress at least twice a week.
I thought they're so awesome I also went out and bought their facial wash, facial cream and their nose pack! I haven't tried their GlutaBerry soap, but after I ran out of my favorite Snoe soap, I'll use it.

This is the cutest note, ever!

Anyway, a full review of the whitening pack and aqua moisturizing cream will be posted soon. ;)

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