Saturday, March 9, 2013

Be Em-Flowered - FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore

I"m really glad that I get exposed to a lot of makeup and sin care brands because of my (full-time) work (in publishing). Most of the brands I encounter, I've never even heard of. That's probably because most brands don't even tap Philippines or even consider this country as a market. Bummer.

Drew Barrymore is probably one, if not my most, favorite actresses, ever. I think she's beautiful, sexy, smart and talented. She's a blonde who literally kicks ass. She may have a rough phase, but that's a part of her life I'm sure she now considers an "educational" phase. I also applaud her for signing up with CoverGirl and represent a brand that caters to everyone. But I got more excited when I heard she's coming out with her own brand, Flower.

The main goal of Flower is to give women quality products (from face, eyes, lips and nails) without breaking the bank. I believe that their products won't go above $20 (correct me if I'm wrong). Flower is available at Walmart.

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