Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jenni Epperson: Superb Taste in Food + Style

Jenni Epperson, a renowned celebrity stylist, shares how she lives and eats in style in her book, Fashion + Food. Basically, the book is loaded with tips on how to entertain at home in style.


The first time I've heard of Jenni Epperson was when she hosted Good Finds in Lifestyle Network. What I remember about her is her bubbly yet sophisticated attitude and her pixie hair. I'm actually really envious because only a few selected (or rather gifted) individuals can rock this hair, and she's one of them!

What do I love about her and this new venture of hers? She promotes women empowerment by enjoying life now while pursuing our dreams. She emphasizes that we, women, should take care of ourselves. We must make every moment count: do your best at work, but make time for your family and especially for yourself, because enjoying life is the foundation of living in style.

This is a handbook for everyone on how to live your life more pleasurable and stylish.
It features 12 occasions we celebrate in a year and what food to cook, how to present it, appropriate table setting, and what clothes to wear on the said occasions.

Jenni Epperson wants you to get this book for the following reasons:

  • This is a helpful book, not a picture book
  • It's a live-life-in-style manual
  • It's feel-good book

Photos taken during her book signing in SM The Block



What she was donning at the event :)

Super AWESOME shoes by Jeffrey Campbell


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photo taken from Jenni Epperson's Instagram account. :)
Grab your copy now!!! :) 


  1. So I don't know her haha But i like her especially the shoes! SO chic <3