Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dupe Alert: NYX Amsterdam for MAC Eden Rouge

We all want to be (and should be) a smart shopper, especially nowadays that money (or work, for some people) is hard to come by. We should determine (or differentiate) our "wants" and "needs", and prioritize the latter. Probably that's one of the motivations why people are always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives or dupes for the things that they want, especially with makeup.

For my first dupe alert: NYX Amsterdam for MAC Eden Rouge :)

(L-R) NYX Amsterdam, MAC Eden Rouge

Its really hard to tell which contains more product because NYX didn't specify theirs in the packaging.

(L-R) NYX Amsterdam, MAC Eden Rouge

Amsterdam is a part of NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream line. I believe this is a permanent line, since they didn't say its a limited edition or seasonal line. I don't even think NYX does that.

(L-R) NYX Amsterdam, MAC Eden Rouge

NYX Amsterdam is a cream lipstick that goes on smoothly and dries out matte.
It tastes good and has a longer stay-on power compared to their round lipsticks.

Now, let's compare Eden Rouge's swatch and Amsterdam's swatch :)

(L-R) NYX Amsterdam, MAC Eden Rouge
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream when worn
MAC Eden Rouge when worn
As you can see, they are pretty close in shade, if not identical.
(Apologies for the different lighting :[ )
The intensity of their hue is also the same. They're both bright blue red.
You almost cannot tell which is which, until Amsterdam goes matte.

What's the deal?

Longevity: MAC, being known for their superb formula, obviously wins by 2-3 hours. But to be fair, Amsterdam has also a decent longevity in wear, probably 2-3 hours.
Opacity: For me, Amsterdam is more opaque, probably because its more matte than Eden Rouge and because it's a lip cream.
Packaging: For people who have issues with wands and "double dipping", I'm pretty sure you'll have issues with Amsterdam. For me, Eden Rouge bags this because it's packaging is sleeker and more sophisticated.
Price: Given that MAC is a high-end makeup brand, NYX is a more practical option.

VERDICT: If you're the type who doesn't mind dropping a thousand for a tube of high-quality lipstick, MAC Eden Rouge is for you. You're paying for what you're getting: long-wearing, high quality product in a sleek packaging. Downside? It's a limited ed shade.
On the other hand, if you're practical, doesn't mind working with a wand, and loves matte lips, NYX Amsterdam is for you. Plus, its not a limited ed shade so you won't have trouble getting them. I believe NYX is one of those drugstore brands who can compete with high-end brands, without the sky-high prices.

So, which one would you buy?

MAC Eden Rouge, MAC Counters

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam, Pretty Goddess

FYI: Pretty Goddess sells a lot of awesome makeup that are not available here in the Philippines. Check out her Facebook page!

Click here for my full review on MAC Eden Rouge :)

FTC: I paid for these products with my own money. I'm not getting paid to make this review. I'm not affiliated with the said brands. Photos above are owned/taken by yours truly. :)

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  1. wow naman kissable lips. ang nice ng shade din. sa morena kaya bagay din yan? :D