Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snack Of The Day: NYFD and Caprice

I know, I know. I’m not a healthy eater. I stuff my face with almost anything, and most of them are really bad for me. I know I shouldn’t blame it on my lifestyle and environment (Eastwood City and a shifting schedule), but I really can’t help it. Sue me.

My kind of snack when I’m REALLY hungry and/or stressed is the usual burger + fries + cola.
On my worst days, I add a sundae. Today was one of those days.

NYFD New York Hot Dog and Fries + Caprice’s Vanilla Magic

NYFD New York hot Dog Sandwich with Fries and Cheese Dip 99php

Fortunately, a burger wasn’t accessible so I chose a “healthier” option: hot dog sandwich.
Yes, I still had the fries but it was a rather tiny serving than my usual.
For drinks, I skipped the cola and chose a chocolate drink topped with vanilla ice cream. 

Vanilla Magic 100php

Mango Fruit Tea with Nata 75php (+10php for additional nata)

 I'm now officially a fan of Caprice. they have awesome selection of milk teas and fruit teas.
My favoite is the mango-flavored fruit tea.

What's your snack of the day? :)


  1. Fries. They are also my guilty pleasure. I can devour fries by the TRUCKLOAD. :))

    1. Hahaha!!! That's one of the reasons we're friends!!! <3

      I miss dipping fries in chocolate sundae. >__<