Sunday, February 14, 2016

Althea Korea to Launch in PH + My First Althea Haul

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're a doting boyfriend/husband and you're still in search on what you can give to your significant other this season, or just an awesome and badass independent beauty, well I have a great news for you.

Althea Korea, a popular shopping website that offers authentic Korean beauty products, is finally catering to its lovely fans in the Philippines! 

They have a wide variety of Korean beauty  products - from makeup, skincare and hair care - from a long list of top Korean brands that a lot of us haven't gotten the chance to try because they're not yet available here. 

What can we expect from Althea?

1. They offer FREE SHIPPING to their customers in the Philippines for orders worth Php1500 and up. They will ship our orders directly from Korea to your doorstep!

2. The products they sell are 100% AUTHENTIC, guaranteed! In case any product is confirmed as non-authentic, Althea will honor returns right away and refund 200% of the purchase value. Yes, 200%. They are that confident about their products' authenticity.

3. They have the BEST price available. They manage to sell these products at a lower price because they get them directly from the brands in Korea. No middle man, no extra charge. :)

4. They have Unconditional Returns. If you're not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, Althea guarantees 30-day unconditional returns. Please go to their website for more details about this. :)

I was one of the first lucky ones to shop at Althea, and I felt like a kid in a candy store! I've always loved Korean makeup, particularly their brow products and BB creams. But my lovely friend Carol suggested I also try Korean skincare products, and these are some of Althea's must-haves!

My first Althea haul!
My pretty pink package from Althea Korea!

A snap of the inside. My orders came in a secured packaging, complete with bubble wraps (which I've played with already, so I had to throw them out).

My first Althea haul!

Closer look at the Korean skin care products that I got :)

The Althea Promise

I got the WondeRuci Light Light Eye Balm. Carol swears by it because it's like a treatment AND a primer for your under eyes. It helps minimize creasing in your concealer, which happens almost regularly to me, thanks to out humid weather.

Light Light Eye Balm

Next, for a touch of glam and royalty, I got the Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask. Tammy uses it before applying makeup to prep her skin, while Carol prefers using it at night. It helps in tightening your skin and giving you that natural glow. It has REAL gold in it, FYI. 

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask

This is B&Soap Mamie Blue. It's a face pack that leaves your skin refreshed, so it's probably best used after a tiring day at work or school. 

Mamie Blue

I can't wait to try all of them and post my reviews! :) 

Don't forget! Althea Korea wil launch their  PH website tomorrow, February 15. They're having a huge GIVEAWAY! 

They're offering FREE 300 credits to use for shopping for every new sign up.

FREE SHIPPING will be given for every Php1000 spent during their launching month.

They will also offer Daebak Deals 1+1 and Zero Pedos Deals! 

Don't forget to post pictures of the products that you bought, want or planning to buy with the hashtags #altheakorea and #altheaph. 

Enjoy shopping! :) 

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  1. Great to know that you decided to purchase our trendy items as your first choice! We love the items you picked out too. *giggles* Thanks for featuring us in your blog.
    사랑해 ❤

    Althea xx

    Althea xx