Monday, July 13, 2015

Davines Nounou Hair Mask - Review and Photos

After years of procrastinating, I'm finally back with a decent product review! Yay!

If you know me personally, you've probably read in one of my social media posts (or heard me rant) about my severely damaged hair.

Last January, a non-professional stylist literally fried and killed my hair with relaxers. YES. Relaxers.
It was sooo bad that I couldn't touch nor comb my hair without a lot of it falling off. Even with the drastic haircut, the damages were still really obvious. It was the first time I sobbed because of my hair :(

6 months later, I was browsing Facebook at work (I'm a Social Media Manager. No rules were broken. :-p) and I saw the Davines PH page. I was so engrossed about the brand that I researched about them for days! And what happens when a beauty enthusiast researches about a new brand they're into? The urge to try their products kicks in! Hahaha!

Davines have a lot of products available that will cater to almost all hair issues we have. Their Nounou line tickled my fancy (this line is for color-treated hair) so I went to Azta Urban Salon and bought the Davines Nounou Hair Mask.

Davines Nounou Hair Mask

It comes in a clear plastic container which we can reuse (so happy about that!). Now don't let its simplicity fool you. Davines means business when it comes to caring for our hair.

It smells... "earthy". I'm sorry, I ran out of adjectives to explain how it smells. (Update: It has a distinct scent that reminds of my mom's perfume. It's a bit overwhelming when you smell it from the container, but after using and rinsing it out, my hair smells pretty good.) I've read some poeple complaining about it, but it doesn't bother me at all. The tetxure is very thick and a bit pastey, which I like because that'll help in making sure I don't waste anything. (You know how those products with runny consistency that usually spills? I hate that.) Also, because of the consistency, I only have to use a teaspoon to a table spoon of the product for my thick mid-length hair.

So, how did it perform? I swear. It's one of the best (if not the best) hair products I've used, and if you'll check my blog, I've used a LOT.

While applying it, my hair instantly feels soft and manageable. I finger comb it into my hair (trying to avoid the roots) concentrating on the lower half. Whenever I do this technique using other products, I'll usually have a shocking amount of falling hair on my fingers. But with Nounou, it's significantly minimized (almost no falling hair now. Wohoo!).

I leave it for 10-15 minutes when I'm in a hurry. On weekends or whenever I have more time, I leave it for 30 minutes. Rinsing it out is a bit of a tedious job, understandably, since it's a deep conditioning hair mask. What makes me love this product even more? I don't have to fight any tangles while rinsing! That is amazingly new for me since the relaxer incident.

My hair is easy to comb (even while it's still wet), soft, and manageable. Whenever I use this hair mask, I don't have to worry about my hair getting frizzy or misbehaving. It was the first time (since it got damaged last January) that I couldn't stop touching my hair! This product definitely made it to my HG hair products. :)

The only downside for me is the price. It's quite expensive and only selected salons are carrying it. But since this product belongs to the "a-little-goes-a-long-way" category, that price should be worth it since it'll last you a long time.


  • a hair mask that does what it promises
  • perfect not just for color-treated hair but also for damaged hair
  • little goes a long way
  • locally available


  • expensive
  • Update: a bit overwhelming at first when you take a sniff of it from the container, but it's not bothersome after using it. 


 I will definitely repurchase!

I'm actually considering getting their Melu products soon. :D

Update: I'm sorry, I just had a really bad cold when I drafted this review. I had to smell it for like an hour this morning to be able to describe it as accurately as possible. It won't happen again, promise!

Where To Buy:
Davines Nounou Hair Mask
Azta Urban Salon


  1. Holy cow! Very expensive for a packaging that looks like used for native delicacies XD Got fooled XD I first thought it's yema then I read hair mask O.o I hate having my hair treated in a salon. Years ago I had my hair relaxed because straight hair is the "in" and I'm the only girl with bush hair. I hated it. People loved it but I hated it. Now I embrace my natural hairstyle :3

    1. Hi Jessica! Your comment really cracked me up! :)) I just tell myself it's their way of keeping their prices somehow at bay, though I believe it's because they're really pushing for using sustainable products. :) I swear it's worth every peso. <3

      I regret having my hair relaxed. I miss its natural waves, body, and healthy texture :(

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. i already tried their hair mask (via sampleroom) and it really works wonder on my hair.. i just canr agree on the price though =)

    1. I agree it's too steep, but after what my hair went through, I can live with that price. :)