Friday, February 28, 2014

Proactiv Skin Care Advisors | Ms. Jean Tamayo of TriNoma Branch

As a self-confessed shopaholic, I've encountered all types or at least most types of sales people. 
The annoyingly clingy who won't give you your space as a shopper, the one who will "hard sell" everything even when you already know what you want/need, the one who doesn't give a fudge because he/she is too tired or preoccupied with something else, the flirt who'll shower you with compliments and sometimes ask for your name and/or number and the perfect one; the one who'll answer all your questions with sincerity, wouldn't push you in buying anything and would make you want to come back because you trust him/her.

The latter one is very hard to come by. I always try to commend sales people like that because I think they're such gems that their employers should take good care of them.

Last January of this year, Proactiv launched the Proactiv Skin Care Advisor Program. What that means is that their Skin Care Advisors at selected Watson's counters and Proaciv kiosks should be able to handle queries about the products proficiently, accommodate customers even those who aren't necessarily buying anything, with the hopes of possibly go back because of the rapport they've built with the customer. That's a tough job to do especially when you're selling skincare products that are a bit expensive. 

I went to their TriNoma branch a few nights back. I just came off from work and decided to have a consultation around that time. Why? I notice that that's a critical time for people in the service industry. That's the time wherein most of them are already tired and exhausted. Some are even no longer accommodating during those hour. I think that's the perfect scenario to see how they'll take care of their customers. :)

I was able to consult with Ms. Jean Tamayo. I also intentionally wore a casual outfit because I notice I get special treatments whenever I'm in my usual corporate attire. (When people think you're a boss, they're extra nice to you. LOL) I casually passed by the counter, walking slowly. I approached the counter, and Ms. Jean greeted me with a smile. I asked a few questions, specifically about my acne scars. I tend to have cystic acne on my jawline, which always leave a nasty pigment.

Knowing Proactiv doesn't have an "acne scar treatment", I thought she'll pitch a product that I know wouldn't work. Surprisingly, she didn't. But she did mention that the toner in the complete kit would help in lightening the spots but that won't totally remove it. Honesty? Passed!

She also suggested their refining mask, for my cystic acne problems. She taught me how to use it in 2 ways: on my face for a few minutes or leave it overnight on the pimple itself. Proactive-ness? Passed!

I also asked her what she could recommend to my sister who gets body acne every now and then. She said my sister can use their deep cleansing wash. It can be used for both face and body. It will last a long time so it's definitely worth every Peso. Proficiency? Passed!

But what is the most important factor for me? Even though she can tell that I won't be buying right at that moment, she still took her time to explain everything to me. She didn't even "sell" anything to me! She just answered my questions and made suggestions on my problems. THAT'S A BIG DEAL. I really don't like the feeling of being "persuaded" or "enforced" to buy something. It seems a little too manipulative for me, so I really appreciate her just being a good listener and gave suggestions that could work. I like the feeling of being valued without having to buy anything. I think that's what the sales industry is doing wrong nowadays: most of them are only nice when they know or think the customer will shell out money.

So what is my verdict to Ms. Jean Tamayo?

5 out of 5!

I actually already know some of the stuff she discussed, especially about the products since I've reviewed them already, which is good because I know she didn't hype anything. She was very accommodating, sincere and made me feel like we're friends. She's someone you'd want to talk to because you'll know she just wants to help you out.

If you're in the area and need help with acne, swing by Proactiv Kiosk at TriNoma. It's in front of Reebok. :)

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