Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blonde Hair | Palty Sparkling Blonde Hair Color

Yes, I finally did it. I went ALL the way. I've finally succumb to my innermost desire when it comes to my hair: I'm finally sporting blonde hair, and I did it on my own. *pat on the back*

I was browsing the beauty section of Landmark Makati when I saw Palty. I've been familiar with this brand, firstly because it's Japanese (I'm such a sucker for Japanese products) and because I know how awesome and effective their hair coloring kits are. I've seen them in Hong Kong and online, and finally they're here.

I chose the lightest shade I could find, which is Sparkling Blonde. I always choos the lightest one because hair dyes tend to be a little darker on my once applied. My brother shrieked when he saw the box because it's sooo bright, I told him it wouldn't look that way at all. I WAS WRONG. But I'm so happy to be wrong this time. ;)

BEFORE dyeing my hair 

AFTER dyeing my hair

I only applied it for 30-45mins max (I usually let hair dyes stay for at least an hour) and man, it really worked it's magic and I'm blonde in less than an hour. Achieve na achieve niya yung color sa box! At first I was freaking out because I'm supposed to go out on a date the next day (not a good idea. Lol) but I ended up loving it (and my date did too, I think. He's been calling me Japonesa since then. Lol). 

I'm sorry I didn't get to take photos of the contents 'cause I wasn't supposed to do a post about this. Anyway, this is the best DIY hair coloring kit that I've ever used. It didn't irritate my scalp or hair though it has bleach in it. The smell didn't bother me (or maybe I'm finally used to it). This is a liquid type so it comes with a bottle as a container instead of a tub. The instructions are pretty easy to follow too. The obly downside for me is it didn't come with a cape so I had to open my extra Lolane kit. Haha. I'm sorry I forgot the exact price, but it's around PHP550-580. 

By the way, you can only find Palty's bold hair colors in Landmark. Watson's doesn't carry them because their market is apparently "conservative"... :|


  1. Thanks for sharing. This is the perfect blonde I been looking for. :-) I love your blonde hair. ♥

    Rochelle Rivera

  2. I want to be blonde rin, but I couldn't just find it in me to do it. It grabs too much attention and I think that If I sport it, I would grab the wrong kind of attention. But you sport it well.. looking at the picture. Plus, your date loved it pa! Naks

  3. woot akala ko sa salon ka nagpakulay! love the effect!