Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pinks Of The Week: MAC x Tarina Tarantino x Kalakalan Online Porras

I'm really bummed that I can't update my blog as much as I'd want to; and just to start something new and motivating, I decided to do a weekly post of stuff that I've used for that specific week.
The catch is, everything should have a cohesive idea or motif. It can be a color, print, shape, etc.
It's a pretty good motivation for myself to keep my blog updated, at least weekly. It especially works for someone like me who has a mild OC symptoms. LOL.

Since its the season of fun, bright, happy colors, I thought this week should be just about that: color!
Life is a big coloring book, so get crazy with 'em crayons! Or at least for the big girls, makeup! ;)

Note: I'm currently experimenting/working on an indoor mini studio. Please bear with me. :)

For the first installment, I chose my favorite color: PINK!

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
The cleanest, purest bright pink that I've used, EVER.
[Click here for the review.]

Tarina Tarantino Blush in Parasol
It's all about shimmer this summer! 
So why not dust your cheeks with this coral-y pink blush for that summer glow?
[Click here for the review]

Swarovski iPhone 4S casing from 
Kalakalan Online Porras
My phone has been getting tons of compliments because of this casing. Its so feminine, stylish, all-grown-up but still fun! If us girls enjoy makeup, why can't our gadgets do the same with casings like this? Plus, the seller is really nice and gorgeous! Visit her shop or check her Instagram acct: @PEARLYJC!

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